About Me


I am Prathmesh Sinkar. This is how my Journey Began!

Living in a city that houses different cultures and tradition, I grew up loving Maharashtrian, Punjabi and South Indian cuisines initially.

No, I won’t thank just the restaurants that sell Marathi, South Indian and Punjabi food, but also my mother. She is one of those people who love to experiment her cooking skills by trying out new recipes every other day. And you can call me lucky enough, my mom is an amazing cook. She has pampered my taste buds since my childhood by making eateries and delights like samosa, chicken tikka, Aviyal, ice cream, cakes and much more at home. And that’s how, a foodie was born within me. An appetite that enjoys every spice, ingredient and recipe available in the world.

Slowly as I turned into a young adult, I started visiting different restaurants, cafes and bistros to explore my ability to appreciate the zest of every style and method of cooking.

I am always up for trying different cuisine, right from Korean to Mongolian. Unlike a lot of people, I do not think before ordering a certain dish.

I order. I eat. I review.

So, Ur PointOfFood is a space where I share my gastronomic experiences with you, my readers, in order to make sure that you guys do not hang back from revelling the delectable flavours of every culture, country and tradition.

So, are you hitting the right point of food?