Kaala Chashma – The BEST Experience ever!!

The BEST Experience ever!!

The food and the drinks everything is the best. Kaala Chashma is a new restaurant in Thane with Bollywood theme. This place is huge. It has wifi, free parking, live sports screening and many more.
This place is suitable for dates, office parties, hang out with friends, a gang of girls.
The decor is different. It is spacious and they also have a gigantic bar.


Everything I ordered here is beautiful. The food was really tasty and they really know how to use spices. Damn!! They were good.

Jhing Jhing Tandoori Chicken

The prawns were fresh. It properly soaked in those spice. They were so good they just melted in my mouth.

Hadippa Harisha Chicken

An anything amazing starter. This was little sweet little spicy. It is served on a stick. Really good presentation for food. Its looks make it yummier.

Prawns Garlic Butter.

After satisfied with the 1st dish I tried another prawns dish. This was really good too. I love it.

The food here is extraordinary. I really loved it. Not a single thing is disappointing.


Butter Garlic naan with chicken ghee roast

The butter garlic naan was beautifully made. They were so good you don’t even need gravy to eat with. Chicken ghee roast is an addictive dish. If you taste it you will fall in love with it.


Mango tamarind

It tastes like ‘imli gold’ that we buy for one Rs.

the kala chashma blackout

Flavoured vodka plus Kala khatta is the best cocktail I ever had.

Once upon a time in Mexico

A tequila-based cocktail. Do try this I really liked it.


Kaala Chashma Kit Kat Blast

A wonderful freak shake. It was really good. The whipped cream on top with will blow your mind. The shake itself is really good.

Thanks to Prashant who was our attendant for the day was resourceful. He was attentive, polite and cooperative.
Overall this place is amazing. The food way too good and the staff is nice and the ambience is beautiful.

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