Mumbai Street Food – Soul of the city

Mumbai the city of hopes. Each day when Thousands of dreamers, wanderers, seekers breathe, this city Comes to life. The air here carries with it an undying spirit, Everyone who comes here brings along something and adds to the uniqueness of this city. But the thing that fuels this undying spirit is The amazing Street Food of Mumbai street food is one of the best things this city has to offer. It is an integral part of each Mumbaikar’s life. The spirit of this city can be tasted through the street food it has to offer.

The street food here is so diverse you can taste every part of India on the streets of Mumbai !!.. Don’t be surprised if you are told that A hawker selling Vadapav earns your monthly salary in a matter of hours because it could be trueeee !! People here are Crazy for food and the food here is Crazy good AND you don’t have to go looking for it, it comes for you, every street in this city has lots and lots of food.

Here are some of the most amazing Street food places that you must go to if you are in Mumbai !!!! Just like this city the food here is also all set to give you chills, there will be some of the other delicious surprises in every bite so expect the unexpected and think before you say, “Bhaiyya thoda aur teekha karna”, because thoda is not so thodaa…

Best Of Mumbai Street Food

Ashok Vada Pav, Dadar

Mumbai Street food and you don’t talk about Vada pav !! That is impossible.. Vada pav is not a snack it is an emotion. This vada pav is a bit different from any regular vada pav. It is served with chura and there is a mix of amazing chutney’s to go with1 it. The heaps of people at this place prove that you can’t stop at one.

Near Kriti college Dadar. Vada pav is priced for Rs 25.

Ashok Vada pav, Dadar
Ashok Vada Pav, Dadar

Sardar Pav Bhaji – Tardeo

Another dish that rules the list of best street food in Mumbai is undoubtedly PAV BHAJI. Sardar pav bhaji is one of the best places to eat in Mumbai. This place serves pav bhaji with loads and loads of butter which makes it one of its kind. And hey this place is open till 3:00 am which makes it perfect for a late-night snack. It is one of the best pav bhaji in Mumbai.

Tardeo road Janta nagar . Quiet affordable prices ( approx 250 for two)

Sardar Pav bhaji
Pav Bhaji

Breadkraft, Andheri

This place hands down are the best place for chicken and veg rolls. The filling is generous and finger-licking good. If you are in and around Andheri this place is a must. Thank me later 😉. Shop 15, sunswept building,

Lokhandwala Andheri West.It starts at 40 and varies as to what you choose.

Mumbai Street Food
Bredkraft Store

Elco Market – Pani Puri

My mouth is watering as I write. Who on Earth does not love Pani Puri !!. Even Ranbir and Deepika couldn’t stop themselves from ditching their diet for this Pani Puri. What makes this the best place for Pani Puri is that they are extremely hygienic and the pani is made with mineral water. Taste bhi! Health bhi!!

Hill road Bandra, Elco market Pani puri – 60 rs ( there are other items as well but pani Puri steals the show )

Mumbai Street Food
Pani Puri, Elco Market

Pure Milk Centre, Multiple Outlet

This place is the epitome of modern Indian street food. This place serves cheese burst dosa, Maggi cheese dosa, french fries mayo cheese dosa, pav sandwich etc. If these names aren’t enough to tickle your taste buds I don’t know what else you need. The food here is Stomach filling as well as soul-filling.

Pure milk centre, Tilak road. Ghatkopar Price varies according to what you call for ( Approx 300 – 400 for two )

Mumbai Street Food
Pure Milk Centre

Adarsh Misal, Dadar

Maharashtra is home to some of the yummiest dishes in the country. Misal pav is one of those. It is one of the Topmost street food of Mumbai. Adarsh missal at Dadar is one of the best places to enjoy this Maharashtrian delicacy. It’s spicy, it’s healthy and it is tasty. What else does a foodie need?

Dadar west. Adarsh missal- rs 65.

Mumbai Street Food
Adarsh Misal Dadar

Carter’s Blue, Multiple Outlet

Every foodie goes weak on his knees as soon as he hears Shawarma !!!! Mumbai street food is incomplete without the mention of shawarma. The chicken cheese shawarma here is simply amazing. The chicken is tender and well-cooked, the proportion of the spices is on point. It is not very reasonable but the food is worth the price.

Carter's blue
Carter’s blue

Multiple outlets in Mumbai. The chicken shawarma is for 152 rs.

Anand Dosa And Vada pav, Near Mithabai College

Dosa is Mumbai’s favourite and most loved food item. When I was growing up this was one of the best food joints near me. This place serves 65 different varieties of dosas and is served with different chutneys. The dosa is made right in front of you it’s a feast to the eyes but a festival for your taste buds.

Gulmohar Road, opposite Mithibai college Approx 200 -250 for two.

Mumbai Street Food
Anand, Near Mithabai College

Subhash Sandwich, Matunga

The sandwich is every food lover’s soul mate. This tiny stall serves some of the best sandwiches in the city. Since 30 years it has been a student’s favourite and people from all over the city come to try the Famous chocolate ice cream sandwich which is heavenly and worth the price.

Opposite Ruia College, Matunga. Chocolate ice cream sandwich – rs 130.

Subhash Sandwich
Subhash Sandwich

Haji Ali Juice Centre, Hajj Ali

This place serves the best fruit creams in Mumbai they are so fresh and yummy, you eat it once, it stays in your mind forever. This place is open till 3:00 am so late-night hunger pangs will be taken care of. The juices, sandwiches and pizzas are also amazing.

At the entrance of Haji Ali. 400-500 for two.

Haji Ali juice centre
Haji Ali juice centre

Bhaji Cone, Mulund

Mumbai street food is full of uniqueness and a product of experimentation. Bhaji cone is savoury dish but served in the shape of ice cream. The cone is seasoned with jeera, salt and other spices. It is then stuffed with bhaji and topped with sev. Worth a try!

MG Road, Mulund west 20 rs

Mumbai Street Food
Bhaji cone, Mulund

A1 Samosa, Sion

Samosa is our forever food crush. It is one of the Top street foods in Mumbai. Well, samosas here come with a twist. This place gives us a break from the routine alloo mutter filling and offers us a variety of fillings to name a few paneer tikkas, paneer chilly, past samosa etc. If you love samosas this is the place for you !!

Sindhi Colony, Sion West 15 – 25 rs per samosa.

Mumbai Street Food
A1 Samosa, Sion

Dev’s Momo hut, Dadar

Momos are the showstoppers when it comes to Street food. This place serves the best Momos in the city. You can call for a full plate or half. The chutney is the Hero here. Chicken and veg both are available

Opposite Sahakari Bhandar, Dadar west Half plate – 40 rs. Full plate – 80 rs.

Devs Moms Hut
Devs Momos Hut

Manjeet Chole, GTB Nagar

If you are a fan of Punjabi food this is the place for you. Homestyle food that is sure to make you nostalgic. Aloo kulcha, chole bhature, lassi are some of their specialities. This place is functioning since 1964 and is very popular.

GTB Nagar, Sion Kulcha – 70rs.

Prakash, Dadar

Maharashtrian food is an integral part of Mumbai street food. Well, the Sabudane Wade and Thali peeth from Prakash is a must-have for every food junkie. It gives you a gist of the culture and traditions of Maharashtra and also because it is utterly delicious.

Dadar west Thalipeeth-50 rs. Sabudana Wade – 55 rs

Prakash Dadar
Prakash, Dadar

Churchgate Khau Gali, Chucrchgate

When you talk of the best places to eat in Mumbai or of food joints how can we miss Khau Gali!!.. this place is every food lovers paradise. There are numerous stalls here stretching up to an entire gali. The pakodas, juices, pav bhaji, thalis are the highlights though.

Churchgate. 100 rs is more than enough to fill your tummy.

Dolphin Frankie, Ghatkopar

Frankie is another all-time favourite street food in Mumbai. Many claims that Dolphin Frankie serves the best Frankie in Mumbai. There are many options to choose between, the fillings are generous the amount of cheese is jaw-dropping.

Ghatkopar West, Khau Gali From 100-200 rs

Dolphin Frankie
Dolphin Frankie

Baba Falooda, Mahim

The name says it all. This place serves as the most amazing faloodas. It is always a delight to eat here. You won’t regret giving this place a chance. You surely will fall in love with falooda all over again. There are also several other dishes here but falooda is a sure-shot hit.

Baba falooda, Mahim.

Baba Falooda
Baba Falooda

Jai Mata Di Butter Papdi Wala

This place serves the best button papdi. This is roasted button pav garnished and dressed with chutney, sev and freshly chopped onions and veggies also known as Sindhi’s chat.

Gol maidan road, Ulhas Nagar 30 – 50 rs

Jai Mata Di Butter Papdi Wala
Jai Mata Di Butter Papdi Wala

Bipin big Sandwich, Borivali

Bahubali was a blockbuster and so is this bahubali sandwich. With 4 layers of toppings, this bahubali sandwich is one of its kind. Pine apple, olives, tomatoes, carrot and cheese are some of the ingredients.

Prem Nagar, Borivali west

Bipin big Sandwich
Bipin big Sandwich

Roller coaster Icecream, Ghatkopar

This place serves ice cream with a surprise. Regular ice cream is so yesterday, the need of today is shredded ice cream. This place gives you Shredded ice cream with pure natural fruit essence.

Ghatkopar west , khau gali Approx 90 rs .

Roller coaster Icecream
Roller coaster Icecream

Tewari Bros, Sion

This place serves a variety of chats and various savoury and sweet dishes. Pinni is one special sweet dish. It is originally from Punjab and is a rarity in Mumbai but this place manages to satisfy our pinni hunger.

Near Sion hospital, Sion west.

Tewari Bros
Tewari Bros

Mohammed Ali Road

This list is incomplete without mentioning Mohommed Ali road. Though the streets are completely lit only during Ramzan it still forms an integral part of The street food chain. People from all over the world come here to taste the amazing food and satisfy their hunger. Seekh kebabs, tandoori items, halwa Puri, malpua, malai are some of the items.

Mohammed Ali Road
Mohammed Ali Road

Cafe Jethwa Food corner, Ghatkopar

This place serves the new entrant into the list of top street food in Mumbai, TWISTER. The potatoes are skillfully shaped as twisters and are deeply fried, the twister is then seasoned with the chosen toppings.

Ghatkopar west khau Gali.

Cafe Jethwa Food corner
Cafe Jethwa Food corner

Muchchads, Mumbai

This is one place to look out for. When it comes to street food this item is a must. Muchchad serve Pan, pan than delights every man’s heart. There are various flavours available and one can also customize their pan.

Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai.

Bade Miyaan, Mumbai

Bade Miyan is an amazing place which serves some of the best kebabs and rolls the city can offer. PS: there is also a restaurant by the same name but the Street version of it grabs all the attention. That’s the power of street food in Mumbai.

Bade Miyaan, Mumbai
Bade Miyaan, Mumbai

Surat Kaala Khata, Juhu Chowpatty

Gola is a street food beyond explanation. It is our one true companion to beat the Mumbai heat. This place serves varieties of golas and are all amazing.

Stall number 48 , Juhu Chowpatty. The mix gola-rs 60

Ice and rolls, Ville Parley

This is another unique combination that makes its place on this list, street food in Mumbai is all about taste, flavours and innovation. Ice cream sandwich ticks all the boxes.

Opposite Bhaidas hall, Vile parle (E) Rs 120

Mumbai Street Food
Ice and rolls

Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji Centre, Juhu

This place does not only serve amazing pav bhaji but also treats us with great Tawa pulav, garlic pav bhaji and various other amazing dishes.

Also located in Juhu Chowpatty stall 15 Rs100-150.

Mumbai Street Food
Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji Centre, Juhu

Kach Guj

Another well-established member of the Mumbai street food family is Dabeli. This little snack is a bomb of flavours. At this particular place, schezwan dabeli is my personal favourite. The spice in the sauce in neutralized by the sweetness of the pomegranates.

Below the skywalk, vile parle West Rs 15.

VJ cafe, Mumbai

Fries are our best friends!!!! What if someone adds pizza to it? It is a match made in heaven. The pizza fries are to die for. This is a perfect snack as well as a worth it steal for a cheat day.

Multiple locations in Mumbai. 100-300 approx.

VJ cafe, Mumbai
VJ cafe, Mumbai

Kathi kebab rolls, Lower Parel

This is a tiny place but manages to serve amazing food. The chicken and egg rolls here are just amazing. Kathi rolls are some of the most loved food items in Mumbai.

Opposite Phoenix mall lower panel Approx 300 for two.

Mumbai Street Food
Kathi kebab rolls

Street food in Mumbai plays the role of an Indian Mom – gives birth to foodies every day, Never disappoints, Feeds you till your stomach bursts, and will make sure no one sleeps Hungry! And trust me on this one the street food here is addictive and will make sure you are head over heels in love with it. Because the food here is not just prepared with ingredients but with love. No five star or seven in this entire world will be able to replicate the taste that a thela wala bhaiyya can delight you with. Street food is pure love !!