With the ready to cook food companies growing and several ready to cook brands in India emerging, the market has significantly accelerated. The food offers ease and convenience of cooking along with several other benefits. Due to this, ready-to-cook food is becoming the favorite of many for a quick ad effortless meal. Also, people can enjoy delightful and delicious cuisines and dishes without much time and effort. Therefore, we bring to you the best ready to cook food companies that are as follow:

Dhanashree foods

A leading manufacturer and exporter of ready to cook food brands in India, Dhanashree Foods offer an exclusive range of ready to cook food and meals. The range includes snacks, dal, veggies, rice, masala, upwas food, classics and festival bites. Whether you want to enjoy snacks like Dosa, Idli and Dhokla or you want to enjoy some delicious veggies like Alu Bhaji, Paneer Tikka Masala or Veg Kolhapuri, you can get them all here. The exclusive assortment of products offered is sure to provide you with a hearty and delicious meal.

MTR Foods

MTR has been known as a leading, trusted and loved ready to cook food brand in the country. It offers combined benefits of health, authentic taste, natural, preservative-free, variety and convenience with its ready to eat range. From instant breakfast mixes to delicious servings or delicacies like Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Sambhar Rice and more, you get them all here.


Are you craving some Veg Biryani, Paneer Tikka Masala, Methi Matar or Palak Paneer? If yes, the Gits might be the next one for you. Offering a delicious range of ready to cook food that will leave you drooling over it, Gits offer delicious ready to cook food. From sweets to snacks and from rice to veggies, they have a sumptuous spectrum of them all.

ITC Kitchens of India

The next name deserving a place in the top ready to cook food companies in India is ITC Kitchen of India. They offer a wide range of traditional and modern delicacies which will leave your taste buds to crave for more. Whether you want vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, you can get it here. All you have to do is just heat the food, eat and enjoy.


For over 3 decades, Prasuma has been serving products that have made people love it. With its commitment to quality, it offers ready to eat food that makes it deserve a spot on this list. Whether you want momos, sausages, bacon, kebabs or premium pork, they are always there to your rescue.

Kohinoor Foods Limited

With the motive of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, Kohinoor Foods Limited puts forth a magnificent range of tempting delicacies that are enjoyable as well as healthy. The rice treats by Kohinoor offer the perfect blend of authentic taste and health with its nutritional content. With Kohinoor, you can get ready to experience food that you cannot forget. Moreover, the instant mixes come with a blast of flavours and are sure to make you want more and more.


Kellogg’s has the reputation of offering delicious and healthy ready to cook food. Making people savour the flavours and wholesomeness of its delicious treats, Kellogg’s offers a mouth-watering range of ready to cook food you can have. All this makes it deserve this spot on this list of the top and best ready to cook brands in India. So, now you know where to go when you crave something.


You might have heard praises for McCain for its delicious ready to cook frozen food range. From French fries, potato wedges and cheese pizza rolls to cheese samosas, crispy aloo Tikki and more, McCain has a never-ending list of food you can choose from. Now you know where to have these.


What comes to your mind after reading Nestle? Maggi comes to ours. These instant noodles have the heart of many across the country. Nestle offer a wide range of ready to cook instant snacks, mixes and more. Therefore, explore the range and have your best pick.

The Bottom Line

So, wherever you just want to have some ready to cook food, you know where to go. From sumptuous snacks to delicious veggies and meals, you can get everything you want. All of these are sure to make you want and crave for more taste and flavour.