The 5 Best Bars and Pubs in Mumbai – You’ll Love The 3rd Option!

Are you looking for the best places to have some amazing craft cocktail Drinks in Mumbai?

If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page.

As a hardcore party-animal and a foodie, I often visit different bistros, restaurants and pubs.

Almost every Mumbaikar is always hunting for best pubs and bars in Mumbai, because, if you’re a Mumbaikar, you love partying.

And come on, if you’re in Mumbai, as a localite or as a tourist, YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THE NIGHTLIFE. After all, Mumbai’s nightlife is a great deal! Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, this city is well-stocked with bars, clubs and cafes to chill and spaces to perform and showcase your talent after a boring 9 to 5 job.

So, to make it easier for you, I’ve created a list of some of the best restaurants, bars and pubs in Mumbai that also sell some amazing craft-cocktails.

1. The No. 7

At Rocky Star Cocktail Bar

These guys stand up to their name and present a range of rocking cocktails. Rocky Star Cocktail Bar is one of the best pubs in Lower Parel, Mumbai. As sassy as it sounds, this place is all about luxurious dining.

If you ever choose to visit this place, don’t forget to get your hands on The No. 7. They prepare this wonderful drink with white rum, berries, rose, basil and apple paired with Galangal beer to give you a creative mix of flavours.

2. The Gypsy Queen

At The Daily Bar & Kitchen

Mumbaikars very well know that when we talk about chilling with friends, Bandra is the first option for everyone. Bandra houses some of the best pubs in Mumbai. And The Daily Bar & Kitchen is just another feather in the hat. Once you have dropped by this place, you will want to come here, again and again.

So, what’s my pick here? The Gypsy Queen is my favourite craft cocktail to drink at The Daily Br & Kitchen. A drink that can take you to cloud nine with just a little bit of spice and warm apple chip smoke along with whiskey.

3. King Kong

At House of Mandarin

Again, the next best pub in Mumbai is situated in Bandra. I already told you, Bandra is the best place to party in Mumbai. In fact, Bandra is a place filled with people who enjoy the nightlife. Well, why wouldn’t they? They have truckloads of amazing pubs and bars in Mumbai.

As the name suggests, House of Mandarin is a Chinese Restaurant and Bar in Mumbai. What can I say about this place? They have delicious food, classic cocktails, beautiful ambience, basically everything’s just perfect!

And what’s one of the best cocktails from Mumbai that you can find here? KING KONG, just like the name, this cocktail is the King Kong of their wide range of cocktails. It is a tropical mix of mint, lime and Cachaca that’s sure to satisfy your love for cocktails.

You’ll create a few amazing memories at the House of Mandarin as you sip this sweet and refreshing drink. Well, I did!

4. Ginei-in-a-Bottle

At Hitchki

Head towards Hitchki if you wish to keep up with your party spirit and quench the foodie in you at the same time. Where is this place exactly? You can either go to Powai, BKC or Thane. It is one of the best restaurant and bar in Mumbai.

And once you are here, I highly recommend you to taste this intriguing cocktail, Ginei-in-a-Bottle. It’s a big bottle of gin that’s paired with the fresh notes of dill that complements the botanical origin of gin.

Another amazing factor about it? The bottle is so big that you can share this drink with your friend. And if you are privileged to have a date, you can share it with her.

5. Mandarin Smoke


My next and last favourite pub and bar is from Bandra, AGAIN. I guess I must simply shift to Bandra now.

If you love vintage vibes, JLWA is one of the best pubs and bars for you. You’re going to love everything about this place, right from lip-smacking food to their super smooth cocktails.

And if you ever decide to party here, do not miss out on Mandarin Smoke. Out of a number of cocktails I have tried, this one has always satisfied me. Crafted with triple essential flavours, orange vodka, Cointreau and notes of vanilla, this should be your go-to cocktail for whooping it up.

Source Credit: Zomato