The First Times! Woh pehli dafa ki yaade…

There is always a first time for everything! And of course, the first one’s a memorable one forever, whether it’s your first bunk or 1st date with your crush.

We tried this little experiment, where we went around & met people the discover & share their first experiences. We received an amazing response and a few hilarious stories.

Here’s a list of things you might have tried or would love to explore. Things to add in your bucket list:


This is a different kind of high one can get! Trekking is a package of experiences, you can never compare to anything else. People who have found their solace on the trek are my favourite.

It was one of the weekend getaways with friends. I went with very little preparation on my first trek. The sudden showers were an added challenge. The ditches were filled with flowing water. Luckily a troupe had the rappelling rope, holding onto which we crossed the water ditch that seemed almost impossible to go past. Completely wet, we dried ourselves, got warm and had lunch at one of the local’s places there and continued our journey. Climbing the peak was the trickiest, I managed to reach the top saying, ‘Yaar baas girna nahi hai, chale chalo bro’ before others and it looked like the clouds had descended on that peak. The mountains and the small river flowing between them became the second-best scene, this topped the list. As the smog cleared, the land was all green and serene. I didn’t want to leave, it looked like the fruit of all my efforts I didn’t want to part from!

My First Trek

Cuisines from the sister continents:

As common today, western cuisine was fancied earlier. I was barely 7 when I had a burger from our very own Mac Donald’s at Andheri station. The happy meal, not only had me licking my fingers but also made my heart jump with the joy of the free toy. Mayonnaise was the fantasized element in the burger. Self-service was also a new concept brought here, not much appreciated.

Pizza belonged to the Pizza hut and nobody matched it’s taste then. The most charming was their service. After many failed attempts at pizza, mom too created her own variation in pizza with the flourishing influence.

Booze on!

The common voice was peer pressure or influence. Pop Tates, Jugheads, Tap, the likelihood of the first booze would be at a friend’s place or the college premises/tours.

People start with Breezers and beers, I went on with shots of vodka. There was no slowing down, I was trembling and the urge to pee was too much, but how do I walk till washroom? I didn’t want to look like a fool who couldn’t walk straight. But you cannot ignore nature’s call, so I stood straight, straightened my dress and walked like a queen. I am sure the waiters would have had a great laugh among themselves!!

However, I never felt lighter!

Hookah Maar!

The hookah has given mixed experiences to people. I went with my friends at someplace they knew and entered in a smog of smoke and took my 1st puff of Hookah and said, ‘yaar aab iski aachi wali aadat lagne wali hai…’.


Our first cigarette in shadows of paan-wala and thrill & excitement but the 1st puff made us cough and was so raw. Highly inspired by how thala ‘Rajnikant’ playing the badass on screens & his famous cigarette style, admiring the smell of a cigarette or borrowing a puff from a smoker friend, the cigarette became a partner with daily chai!!

First Cigarette

 Pehla Pyaar! Pehla Date!

Remember the song, ‘Pehla nasha, pehla Khumar’…? Guys want to please with good dates and girls are just fulfilling their dreams they have seen since they started watching Princess Diaries. Lately, the place for date nights have taken immense importance and played a good role in pleasing your lady or guy.

Though we all wish our first date to be candlelit, with a romantic karaoke, dimly lit ambience, delicious desserts and first dance, we end up having our first dates at the college canteen, chai ki tapri or the nearest gollewala (ice gola)  hiding from the aunties’ eyes. Lol!! Paar yehi yaade jaab yaad aati hai aaj toh lagta hai ki wohi khoobsurat thha saab-kuch.

First Love

Khana Pakana

Reading from the recipe books and referring blogs, with slow loading videos online, we accomplished our first food battle. I am sure everyone has baked the Hide and seek and Parle-G cake, added a little Garam masala to your Maggi and felt like Jamie Oliver, marinated chicken like a pro.

If you got your first recipe right, Hats-off! Nowadays we only cook Two Minute Maggi!!!

Fist Cooking

How CLUBed are you?

You watch insta-facebook stories and wish to go clubbing yourself too someday. Super excited when the day finally arrives, you look the best and are ready to dance till the dawn.

With dark, dance-ready floor and light effects, the boozing part is optional. The rush and the new energy that fills in from the crowd around, music and lights are irreplaceable. If you haven’t tried clubbing, go pick your gang on the way and hit the trending places in town.

Satiate Late night cravings around the town

Midnight Maggi craving that won’t be ready in the two minutes span is old-school. The youngsters today are so dynamic, they will leave the house at an instant, ping their friends and go around the town hunting for what satisfies their buds.

Spend hours boozing in the most expensive pub in town, but the finger-licking taste is going to be on the streets of CST, Andheri station, Khau galli and you will find people eating their heart’s content at Bademiya, Baba Falooda, Kebabs at Ayaz, Sardar Pav bhaji and what not.

Trying something out is one thing everyone does around, to keep doing it is a completely different thing which needs a lot of pondering to be done upon. Not trying anything at all has its own swag,  hahaha!! Whichever category you belong to, make sure you are decisive, not under any peer pressure and think well before developing an unhealthy habit.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned is just for reader’s delight and we do not promote or motivate consumption of any kind of intoxication.