10 Ways to Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Think of dessert and chocolate tops the mind. 7th July is recognized as World day of chocolate! Like we had any fewer excuses to get our hands-on desserts, here we celebrate World Chocolate Day, or do you prefer International chocolate day? Whatever you call it, I am always in for some a lot of chocolates.

What about chocolate desserts? Mousse, muffins, crepes, brownies or tarts, the list never ends. This is because the world is constantly experimenting with chocolate. Our beloved chocolate has taken innovative forms paired with orange, strawberry, vegetables, and nuts.

And yes, we are going completely nuts over this exclusive chocolate indulgence!

Here are 10 ways to celebrate the World Chocolate Day this weekend in Mumbai:

  1. Liege White Chocolate Waffles from La Folie Du Chocolate tops our list. Filled with caramelised bananas, white chocolate chips and chantilly cream, the waffles are a must-have treat.
  2. Nutella Sea Salt Cookies from Sweetish House Mafia is the Mecca for cookie lovers residing in and out of Mumbai. Their gooey, soft-centred cookies with decadent bursts of Nutella and chocolate chips are best described as addictive.
  3. Caramelised White Chocolate Cheesecake from Toast and Tonic climaxes an idyllic meal at the BKC hotspot with a decadent cheesecake. Topped with cocoa nib tuile and a delicious scoop of cherry sorbet, it satiates your taste-buds and Insta-feed too.
  4. BBQ Pork Ribs with Chocolate Sauce from Oi- Kitchen and Bar is canopied in the delightfully vibrant set-up. These ribs are laced with a piquantly flavoured mole sauce that’s got rich dark chocolate and chillies. This Puerto Rican inspired spot is an adventure in waiting.
  5. Vegan Fudge Ice Cream from Oh Dough is one ice-cream that ensures you eat your heart out without a tinge of guilt. If you would like to go for something a little more sinful, there’s always the decadent chocolate loaf cake.
  6. Chocolate Hummus with Cinnamon Lavaash from Za’atar redefines that chocolate is not only for dainty cupcakes and pastries. This Levantine joint serves rich and creamy hummus with crisps of Cinnamon Dusted Lavaash.
  7. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte from Country of Origin is a patisserie that shows what a black forest cake is supposed to be. Laced with cherry brandy and oodles of chocolate shavings, this one would surely make the Germans proud.
  8. Seven Layer Cookie from The Nutcracker promises a sugar rush like no other. This drool-worthy mix of biscuit crumble, Belgian chocolate, butterscotch and almond is the best pick-me-up in SoBo!

Sneak a peek into our favourites

Brainfreeze Ice cream and Desserts

It has over 26 variants of ice cream and 14 toppings, you’re spoilt for choice here! Chomp on a signature Rock Chocolate Bar with a Belgian Chocolate coating to soak in pure decadence.


Feel guilty about bingeing on desserts? Not anymore! With chocolate-coated fruits and nuts, these healthy alternatives have no chemicals or preservatives, so treat yourself to the fullest.

Hand-picked dessert spots

Kick up your heels and get pampered with this ambrosia. Satiate your sweet tooth in every possible way with these hand-picked dessert spots: Zomato

Remember, Never Kiss and tell rule doesn’t apply to chocolates. So, indulge in these sweet-treats and let us know how high it hit you.